Creating an intuitive tool to manage and monitor security threats in large enterprise organizations is quite a feat. I dedicate every day to designing and improving the RedOwl application while managing RedOwl's brand, marketing, and collateral as the Senior Product Designer.


Low-valued, peer-to-peer social lending has, until recently, been quite unobtainable at reasonable rates. SoLo's mission is to remedy this. I built the initial brand and related collateral around SoLo that was used for initial fundraising and prototyping.


To fill a gap in the market, ClearServe aimed to serve as the for family offices and small banks. I designed and helped develop ClearServe's application, led all creative direction, and helped fundraise.


SeekChange, a wellness startup, hired me to create a complete brand identity. They had defined some user personas and had a few ideas for a logo, but beyond that, they were looking for complete design and branding concepts to be created by me.

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For a fun side project, I decided to help my Android Developer friend by design a website to showcase his work while offering ways to get in touch.