Taylor Conophy

I am a co-founder and the head of design at SoLo Funds in Los Angeles. Previously design at Oscar in NYC.

I love intuitive design, creative problem solving, and whitespace. Check out my resume here.

I teach organizational skills (and am one of Skillshare's "Teachers to Watch"), am a huge Harry Potter fan, and travel for fun. Montana is my happy place and I love hosting friends for dinner (and breakfast and lunch) parties. I'm always on the lookout for new restaurants and a good cup of tea, so don't hesitate to get in touch!


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Oscar Health

I collaborate with product managers, engineers, and business stakeholders to tackle complex challenges on Oscar’s internal tools. During my time at Oscar, I have built platforms from scratch for Utilization Management, Eligibility & Billing, Telemedicine, and Provider Services.


Creating an intuitive tool to manage and monitor security threats in large enterprise organizations is quite a feat. I dedicate every day to designing and improving the RedOwl application while managing RedOwl's brand, marketing, and collateral as the Design Director.


Low-valued, peer-to-peer social lending has, until recently, been quite unobtainable at reasonable rates. SoLo's mission is to remedy this. I built the initial brand and related collateral around SoLo that was used for initial fundraising and prototyping.


To fill a gap in the market, ClearServe aimed to serve as the Mint.com for family offices and small banks. I designed and helped develop ClearServe's application, led all creative direction, and helped fundraise.