Wireframing, Design, Copywriting, Illustration, Deck Creation


Paper, Sketch, Google Slides


March 2015 - present



I am part of the founding team of SoLo, a social lending platform aimed at creating a marketplace for low value, peer to peer lending. In order to prepare the company for fundraising and app development, I led the charge in creating all collateral, including branding, pitch decks, one pagers, our website, and more. It is a constantly evolving work in progress as we all dedicate time after our full time jobs to launch SoLo.

Logo Development

Our CEO gave very little direction during the logo creation process. "I like orange" was about the extent of it. I sketched out various options and put some of the ideas into Sketch to test them out.

Business Card Design

Another essential aspect of an early stage company's collateral needs are business cards. A minimal design approach was key here in keeping with the rest of our evolving brand.