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Sketch, Paper, Atlassian: Jira, Balsamiq, Invision, Zeplin


April 2015 - present



I am currently the Senior Product Designer for RedOwl, leading a design team of 2. Together, we are building an application that allows large enterprises to monitor their insider threat using complex analytics visualized intuitively. However, I play a number of other roles at RedOwl.

In addition to leading the design team and all design for the company, I am the sole product manager for one of our engineering teams, working closely with front end and back end engineers to implement near features and fix bugs. I use a combination of JIRA, Google Docs, and Asana to manage various aspects of the product development process, writing requirements, prioritizing tasks, and working closely with engineers throughout the process.

Additionally, I defined the evolution of our product by collecting feedback from clients, account managers, data scientists, and our executive team, pairing that with industry research, and working through project bundles, definition, and execution. Further, I manage the release handoffs and I manage all of our client-facing documentation (via Zendesk).

Review Dashboard

Many of our clients are required by regulators to review a random 2% sample of emails every day. Prior to using our software, clients would open Outlook or other email clients and randomly click through until they reached an approximate number of emails. You can imagine users would come across many bulk emails from companies like 1-800-Flowers or others that are clearly not a threat.

Our software filters out noise using various analytics to present users with interesting emails while meeting their regulatory needs.

This "Review Dashboard" enables users to quickly click through emails that have been flagged for review. They can apply a review status (such as "escalated", "reviewed", "closed", etc) to each email, which then brings the next email into view automatically. There are various components to this Dashboard that can be seen when clicking through the screens above.

Analytic Dashboard

We have 2 main types of user. One who uses the Review Dashboard as described above, and one who focuses primarily on Information Security investigations based around individuals in an organization. These users enter our application via the Analytic Dashboard, pictured below.

This page allows users to view employees ordered by risk based on analytic models that flag on different activities. Users can interact with the visualizations to see more information about the models and the person in question.


Stepping into the role of creative director, I worked to bring our external facing brand closer together with our product to create more consistency around our brand. After taking inventory of our existing marketing collateral, I created branding guidelines.